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Im new, clueless and in DESPERATE neeeed

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ok where do i start.

i am completly sdumb when it comes to anythign like this ive never done it before.

i just just download MYSQL

and it is installed.

i now have a program running.


however this is where im stuck

i have no cluw what to do


my aim is to install something that requires a datebase username and password.


please could someone help me

the manuals are ar far too complicated and i need someone who can tell me in simple english lol

i know im dumb but im only little lol!


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the tutorial here for a membership/login system is quite good. If this isn\'t what you\'re talking about then maybe you should reword it

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You need to read some tutorials that are very basic! You cannot learn MySQL in a few days and no one is going to do it all for you. You just have to chip away at the tutorials and learn a bit at a time. I\'m lucky because I am not working right now so I get to spend all day immersed in MySQL and PHP, oh, the bliss of it all.


A good link for a MySQL starter tutorial is at:




Go over this and then search for more tutorials and examples. Even though a lot of the tutorials do not work, they do let you play with the code and sometiimes you can figure it out yourself.


Good luck little fella! :wink:

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