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including readdir

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add the directory infront of files, simple error...


$dir = "items/";

if(is_dir($dir)) {
   $dh = opendir($dir);
   while (($items = readdir($dh)) !== false) {
          if (!preg_match('|-|', $items) && $items !== '.' && $items !== '..') {
              echo "<tr><td align='left'>$items</td><td align='center'>$items-bprice.php</td></tr>";
  } else {
   echo "no files.";


This code will read the "items/" directory and put the file names in "$items", but for "$items-bprice.php" part of the code, I would to include what is inside "items/$items-bprice.php", which would be something like "$1.94". If I include("$item-bprice.php"); nothing shows up (using include outside of the echo, not in the statement). Is there a way to go about including "$items-bprice.php"?

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