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Watcha think?


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* Main font is a little too small, might be hard for some people to read. The one on the project page looks better.

* Affiliates page has some seriously ugly image borders.


Looks good, I like the color scheme. I wouldn't expect those blue and green link colors to work together, but I like them.

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First glance your ego is too much. And with your stats at the bottom its too much for me to handle.


I don't care if you become the next Bill Gates but I ain't going to have a part of your success, ego...!


Well its not that bad. The code strives to reach pure css, but you still have something like this:


<div style="text-align:center;">


Otherwise I can't give you much critique. The website doesn't even have any content. Its blank, super blank. No images. I was hoping for something flashy and intersting. Its a work under construction, and thus not worthy of a full critique.

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