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Text Boxes and Printing

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I am creating a template using PHP for an invoice. I would use HTML if its easier as i dont need to get any information from my database. I can output the correct things required for the template, however i want to be able to open the invoice in my localhost and have the template come up with a space which will allow a user to type into. e.g Some sort of text box would be sufficient to do this, however i may also want the text box outer line to be invisible. Does anyone know how i could do this using php??

I also want to be able to print the invoice so if you know what code i need to do a print in php please inform me.

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this is a style issue - you would be better off giving the text box a class or id attribute and defining its appearance in a style sheet. As for printing what people have entered in there I would post that information to another page and lose the textbox - they only print the visible area of the textarea element so If you have one on your form its best to not try and print it out.

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