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PHP and GD images

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Hi, I am not a newbie to PHP but am to GD it is my first time trying it today.

Prob a simple questions...

I have created a script to scale and resize my images for a gallery I am making, only prob is that the main gallery screen takes a while to load (crap server) so I was wondering if I could make the script save a copy of the thumbnail to use next time (if one isnt already available).

I have got to this line to create the image (with a lot more above obviously)
imagejpeg($new_image, '', 100);
So is it possible to save this to a file on the server?



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To save server time, always try to cache the images.

What i do, is when i upload an image, it resizes and stores the image on the server directly.

The standaard PHP function move_uploaded_file(); will do the trick.
For examples on how tu use, please visit [a href=\"http://nl3.php.net/move_uploaded_file\" target=\"_blank\"]http://nl3.php.net/move_uploaded_file[/a]

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Thanks for the idea,

How would you go about saving the image to the server once you had resized it, I only know how to ouput it to the browser

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