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Table of images

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I am trying to setup a mysql table that will only hold images. As a webpage is requested, the code will look in the mysql database and pic a random image. My question is 1) is this possible? and 2) how do i go about making my table to store the images and upload the images? Thanks for your help.

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I made a mysql table that held a location name, address, city, state, and a picture for that location. In my Image column in the table I just stored the pathname to the picture I wanted. Storing the actual photo in mysql is possible but it bloats the table.


I stored my pictures under images/location on my webhoster\'s server. So say for location #1 I would just store the pathname images/location/picture1.gif in the image column. Location #2 pathname = images/location/picture2.gif and so forth.


Hope this helps.



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