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This is my first post in this forum so please let me introduce myself, a 23 year old swedish guy who like herring. Once that's taken care of, to my question(which I decided to post here cause of the SEO aspect)

I'm pretty new to the PHP world but come to the desicion a few weeks ago it was a nessecity to get into constructing my new site.

I started out with the[a href=\"http://www.garnetchaney.com/how_to_use_tables_instead_of_frames.shtml\" target=\"_blank\"]Garnetchaney guide[/a]

Which got me this code:

if (empty($location)) {
function changelocation($location) {
include ('header.html');
echo '<table cols="2" border="0" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" align="center" width="100%">';
echo '<tr>';
echo '<td width="224" bgcolor="#0099FF" valign="top">'; include('navbar.html');
echo '</td>';
echo '<td bgcolor="#33CCFF">';
switch ($location) {
case 'index':
include ('actualindex.html');
case 'tutorials':
include ('http://www.genericsite.com/tutorials/index.html');
echo '</td></tr></table>';
include ('footer.html');

And that's pretty much the code I've beein using and it works similar to a frame with the nav bar constant and reloaded content with the include function. So too my questions:

1. The site I'm making is big, over three hundred pages, and my stupid question are: the reloaded contents pages, should I continue making them in html as in the link example or should i switch to php? Is it possible to continue with html?

2. Since it's of great importance to me that the page is search-engine friendly do I also wonder about the meta tags, can I put a regular meta tag in a php doc and where should I put them in this example?

3. The menu in this example(navbar in the php code) will be very big, and ofcourse do I want it to be indexed by the spiders, will that be a problem when navbar, the index.(html?) and the index.php is separate? You se what I mean: currently I'm having two index files, one php and one html who directs to the php, do the spiders do the same? Which ├ąpage should I use as "main meta index page" and how to do that.

If think thats all, If anyone could help me with any of these questions I'd really appriciate it! /Max

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