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Oh, yeah, cuz its still underconstruction "Note: Coming Soon" on the image... but does the site look promising, like "I wanna see the rest of the site"


no, it doesn't look promising.  nothing on the internet looks promising unless it's already there - "coming soon" stuff only works for something i already know about and am looking forward to, like a movie or a book.  not for a website i've never heard of before and see no reason to visit again.


you're more likely to lose potential readers than gain any future ones.

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This is a quote from the website critique guidelines:


So .... you've finished your site and you need critique. Or you just feel like helping out or having a dig at someone's efforts. Well - this IS the place, but please be aware of the following:


Please note the "you've finished your site."


You haven't finished your website. Since you are only about a week away from launching off, I'm sure you have some type of content already up. Why not post a link to that? It bothers me that you would even have the nerve to ask critique of something that isn't anywhere done, or remotely close.

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