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* If your screen size is too small it gets a little weird.

* I think there is too much background color space between all the content, especially between the menu bar and the body. Because of this, it makes the menu bar look like it has a huge amount of space for nothing.


Nice and simple, looks good.

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Well, the site uses great semantic code. I like the code structure!!


You def. have a talent in creating great looking code.


BUT, the site ( no offense ) looks like crap. I don't like websites that just have text and some boxes. Its was only made by css and text and then code that brings up the valid xhtml check mark thing! Where are the pictures? Why not jazz it up???


You screwed up your width on the two boxes on the left. In my resolution, 1024, the most common one, has a horizontal scroll bar!! That is a double triple no!!


The navigation links don't have contrasting colors when hovered over.


I'm really wondering, did that really take you that long to make? I mean I can make that in about 20 minutes without a problem in css?

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