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error 1044

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what could be causing the following server reply:

Error1044 : Access denied for user: \'name@IPaddress\' to database \'dbname\' ?

I have checked the spelling of user, pswd, localhost and dbname a million times; they are correct in the include.php file. The localhost and dbname are provided by the web host and I am using their MySQL manager. I thought something might be fouled up with the DB but they guaranteed that everything is fine and the problem is in the script. The script is part of a shopping cart system.

The script in question is at: www.mastix.ws/t/cartScript.html

(the initial <?php and final ?> are omitted so you can see the code)


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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so i guess it would really hurt your webhost to take the same peek at the link u so graciously provided :lol:


anyway i\'m thinking the prob lies somewhere here..


if (!($connection = @ mysql_connect($dbhost,





..and guessing that showerror() is a mysql_error() return?

..andyou just did the following in include.php?


$dbhost = \'host\';

$dbusername = \'name\';

$dbpasswd = \'passwd\';


..if so i can\'t see why you get access denied unless it is a username/pass error.

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