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voting on members ?

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Thanks for the great forum you run here and thanks for getting the solved button back into a place where I can see it :)


Now my request

Would it be possible to have a sort of "point" system to indicate how helpfull someone was ?


It happens a lot that someone replies to a post but was not really helpfull. Maybe this is because the current ranking is just based on the number of posts.


It would be really nice if the starter of a thread could award points to people who help him.


I would suggest to have a button in every reply to a thread that is not written by the starter.

this button is only available to the starter of the thread (like the solved button)

If the starter feels that the post was helpfull he can push it once and thus the poster gets one point.


after pushing the button the reply could become highlighted or something that makes it stand out.


I would not recommend negative values as this might leave a bad feeling to the person who posted the reply.


The reason why I would like this is

- it happens a lot that someone replies with nothing usefull. (maybe to improve rank)

- if you find a thread with more or less the problem you have it will be easier to find the relevant information faster (highlighted replies)


Thank you



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As with every member controlled voting system on a forum of this size, people abuse systems like that and they end up providing little to negative value.  That's why we turned off the "karma" system built into SMF and why we won't be doing anything similar anytime soon.

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I am sorry, I did not know you had the karma system.


I understand that things like that have a possibility of creating a bad atmosphere (environment) that is why I did not wanted to have negative values.


Thank you


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We do not need to have points to prove how helpful we are do we?


This is something that a lot of people would like. A self-maintained ranking system would give users an idea of whose ideas and solutions to listen to completely, and whose posts are utter rubbish. Granted, there's a little room for error, but it's usually pretty accurate.

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I side with neylitalo,


I sometimes feel that sometimes people post to show that they know more than the starter of a thread but are not really helping out or that sometimes they have no clue what they are talking about.

Looking at other posts and finding the good stuff would be a lot easier too.

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doNT couNT on the STars


See the answer and check


[1] if it really solved your problem...


[2] if it Did then keep on mind the "name" of the Guy....


[3] The next time you see "his" reply on your thread.. then it is almost certain u are again getting a right answer...


Rating does not SOLVE your problem.... it is an IDEA behind that "stars"




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