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chat config

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/** If users are to be automatically logged in - i.e., the login form
is NOT to be displayed, then set this variable to false. If this
variable is set to false, then you should pass a PHP variable to this
script called $name, which will be the user name in the chat room. */

I dont know whats the exact PHP variable i should input. I have a forum where people log-in with their email address and their password. They have an unique username too. When they go to the chat section their email address shows up as a nick. I want their USERNAME to show up instead of their EMAIL ADDRESS. Can anyone tell me how to write "$name" script to seek information from MYSQL and have USERNAME to replace EMAIL address in the chat room?

Also i am using MarcoMedia Shockwave Flash chat program. Users who are using Mozilla Firefox cant load the program. Is there any way I can add something within my program to have my Mozilla firefox brower users access this chat without any problem?

Any help will be great.


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