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Hey All,

I was surfing around the internet when I stumbled across something that some of you might find useful. Check out:




All you have to to is enter in your business/personal expenses and hours you work and it pops out what you need to be making per hour. I though this was pretty neat and I figured that this would help some of you out there that are starting out with freelancing and getting a good hourly rate. This site also has a lot of great articles that are pretty useful.

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It's cool, but the JS validation sucks.

For example, I misread this:

"How many days a week do you work on average?"

As HOURS a week, so I typed in 30.

It popped up an error telling me I can't work 30 days a week, and when I clicked ok, it just popped up again.

It didn't give me a chance to fix it before erroring again.

Same for all the other fields.

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