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Darkness Soul


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Hi guys,

I was mak'ng a dictionary function for portuguese language, that's replace wrong words for they correct word, like "agua" for "água".

My function:
[code]function fun_dictionary ( $fun_string )
    $str_wrong  = array( "DIRECAO" , "HIDRAULICA" , "TERMICO" );
    $str_right = array( "direção" , "hidráulica" , "térmico" );
    $fun_string = ucwords ( strtolower ( preg_replace ( $str_wrong, $str_right, $fun_string )));
    return $fun_string;
But, when I call it, like that:
[code]print $str_text = fun_dictionary ( 'DIRECAO HIDRAULICA, SENSOR TERMICO' );[/code]
It's print like this:
[b]Direcao Hidraulica, Sensor Termico[/b]
What I suppose to do? Where is my fault?

Thanks, anyway.. D.Soul

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