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Dreamweaver - Background - CSS

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Hello people of the CSS world, I need help, urgently (Well.. I just need some advice)

Ok so I have a background and I want the image to replace that background for the site I am creating, this background image will be the default for all of my sections (Home/Contact/Links etc) Now I need to stretch the image across the browser window as it does not fit anything above 1024 x 768 (That's the images size) and I believe I can use CSS to achieve this, is that correct? I've tried a couple of things (Software I'm using is Dreamweaver 8) but I aint getting anywhere.

So what way do I achieve that? And I really am new to this so could you please try and keep the technical speak to one side, just tell me exactly what I have to do :)

Thanks, ZiG

The image in question is this

[img src=\"http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/8311/backgroundimgconcept7ev.jpg\" border=\"0\" alt=\"IPB Image\" /]

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Actually, no, you can't resize background images until CSS3. However, to make it work, you'll need Javascript code, which I don't know how to write. There is a posibility that making the image have a 100% width and height and moving it behind all the other images might work (would require setting all the image div's to absolute/relative positioning though).

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