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Help for credit card validation !!!!


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Hi there

I don't know the best term for this topic but the problem is this.

I am creating an e-commerce site and i don't want to have a shopping card, i want the user to be able to buy credits using credit c, paypall, moneybookers etc and with those credits to buy products in the future. I need some general idea how this can be done with php and MySql. For example www.bwin.com once you upload your founds than you can beat online, it is something like cyber cash or I dont know .

Please someone who knows those things give me one general idea how it works


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Look up Paypal IPN. Here is what I did with one of my membership sites.


1. User logs in

2. User uses a certain dollar amount to purchase "tokens"...this can be just a simple paypal button

3. Once the transaction is complete paypal IPN sends a signal to your script

4. Your script sees if the signal from paypal is "approved" or not

5. If approved take the dollar amount from paypal and add it into their "token" account on your site


...now you can just make an internal purchasing system with your tokens.

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I was searching over the internet to find any good example, or book that can help me with this technique but nothing. I am working in a project for E-store that sells digital goods, In this kind of E-store the user can upload and sell their digital goods and make money from that , For me it is clear that the technique for such a thing is the technique that i have mentioned with my first post in this Topic.

Any help to find good tutorial or book that teaches how to implement this technique will be welcome.

Please help !!!

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First thank for your help bro. But i am little confused with this stuff . I see how it works but how i will manage the users credit for example if a product from one user is sold who he will withdraw his credit to his paypall account .

P.S I am new with this kind of technique and i really need help.

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You would have to put all of the money in your account and track what you owe people. In my site I've tracked this by month and create a report at the end of the month and it spits out how much I owe each user. Then I transfer their funds to their paypal account.

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I see you have done this job, can you give me more information, any book, tutorial, or any suggestion  to help me finish this task.

If so  i can count on you with my other projects, or if i can not do some of the projects i can leave it to you, because i really need to do this by my self

Thank you

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Well I gave you the break down about how it would work. Then if you download that zip file from belahost you will see a query in the paypal.php that inserts the information into your database from paypal. Just add another query after this to insert the "amount" into your site tokens table.

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