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Best way to do 60 sites


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pffft, sure do that if you want them to be useful.....


tibberous, seeing as hoe you bought 60 domain names, I take it you have a flare for the unusual...


My suggestion is to have 60 monkey working of 1 site each, then see if one of the sites is dedicated to Shakespeare.....

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Ok, now that I've had my fun, I'll ask a few Q's to better understand the situation.


Are each of the sites different (as in completely different)?

How many would require hand coding for certain sections?

How much content will be shared among the sites?


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Okay I'm a bit creeped out.



Me thinks it essential to the flow of the picture, that you feel that way....

Be thankful I went with this, I WAS going to make a page devoted to my favourite quotes... But by the time I stopped laughing, it was stalkery... So I did this... This way you can't press charges....



CMS's would be fine for stock standard, but you'd need the ability to either have them all run from the same database, or have a decent host (I've noticed that unless you really shell out, they limit you to only about 50).


unless I'm looking at this wrong, and you bought that many domains so that they all point to the same place...then that would be easy...

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