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Creating a basic recordset

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Hi Guys,

Im having the most awful time trying to get the right results displayed using MySQL and Dreamweaver.
I have 2 pages
Page 1 - is an index page
Page 2 - is a search_results page.

On the index page I have a form, called "searchform" within it I have field called "searchfield". The form finally has a submit button, which I use the post method to send data to the search_results page.

The search_results page, has a recordset created from the rellevant database and I use the following criteria to filter in dreamweaver.

Form Variable Searchfield

The Search field in MySQL is a TEXT field which copntains an A4 sheet worth of text.

When I run/execute the search on my testing server, the search_results page displays all the entries in the database, regardless whether the word exists in the database. When I created the record set in Dreamweaver and tested it, entering in a test word - this seemed to query the database fine.

Any help would be much appreciated, as Im really scratching my head.

Many Thanks

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Hi Guys,

Not to worry, I've found a workaround to my problem.
Weird though. instead of using my dreamweaver template, I created the recordset with the filter in a blank empty fresh file. This method produced slightly different syntax to the one I was using. Anyways to cut a long story short, I copied an pasted this new syntax in my files and voila it worked.

So far, not very impressed with dreamweaver - Im wondering why it created different syntax for the same instruction.


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