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[SOLVED] working with pictures

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#1 corillo181

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Posted 08 April 2006 - 02:56 PM

hi, i been trying to find a way to create dynamic pictures for this reason..

i want to make a page and when ppl click on different picture i want the pictures to appear in the same page.. becuase i dont want to make a page for each pictures since i heard this could be done using php but i'm new to this and i would like any one to show me how or point me to a tutorial easy to fallow..

thnk you..

#2 litebearer

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Posted 10 April 2006 - 01:36 AM

Although its not php and the demo uses multiple pictures, it seems that with a little tweaking one could apply this to separate images...

[a href=\"http://www.agilepartners.com/blog/2005/12/07/iphoto-image-resizing-using-javascript/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.agilepartners.com/blog/2005/12/...ing-javascript/[/a]


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#3 kenrbnsn

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Posted 10 April 2006 - 04:03 AM

I have done this many times.

The basic flow is:
  • If the URL doesn't say to display one picture, display a page of thumbnails. Each thumbnail is a <href> tag that points back to the curren script but the URL contains a reference to show the picture.
  • Else display the full size picture and a link to go back to the thumbnails
Some pages where I've used this technique are:
  • [a href=\"http://www.ny-njdogtrainer.com/gallery.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.ny-njdogtrainer.com/gallery.php[/a]
  • [a href=\"http://www.rutgerspromenaders.org/pictures...ances/2005/1204\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.rutgerspromenaders.org/pictures...ances/2005/1204[/a]
  • [a href=\"http://smilesontheweb.com/disp_pics.php?wh...=.&dir=20010626\" target=\"_blank\"]http://smilesontheweb.com/disp_pics.php?wh...=.&dir=20010626[/a]

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