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Upgrading PHP Version

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Hello, I have just installed a php script.. however it doesnt work because my PHP version is 4.3.11, and I need 4.4.1 or higher to install this script.. how do i upgrade my php version?

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Is PHP installed on Windows server and do you have access to the server files, ie the PHP root folder.

If you do then just download the Windows Binaries version from PHP.net, or just click the following link: [a href=\"http://www.php.net/get/php-4.4.2-Win32.zip/from/a/mirror\" target=\"_blank\"]PHP 4.4.2 zip package[/a]. The extract all the contents of files to where you have your current PHP install. If you are promt to overwrite files overwrite all of them.

This should upgrade your current version to PHP4.4.2. However there isn't much different between the two version as generally only bug fixes and few updates are included in PHP4.4.2. So your script should work with PHP 4.3.11

if your not on Windows then you'll you'll need to download and compile PHP4.4.2 in order to upgrade.

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