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problem with installing php

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hi everyone .

i 've installed php & mysql on IIS , everything's working fine . but there's 2 problem .

1)there's a problem with uploading files,even the "file_uploads" option in php.ini file is set to ON but the file can not be uploaded . the problem seems to be with $_FILES[] array. this array can not have any index . when i send my file through an html form, i can not get it using $_FILE['myvariable'], i get an error saying there's no such an index in this array

2)the default file for directories is not defined . when i want to open a directrory i've to write the file name after it otherwise i get an error saying u r not authorized to view this page.

how can solve this probs ?

thanks in advance.

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If you'e using IIS I think you need to set permissions, but I dont know what type of permissions. Sorry.

I know my post aint a lot of help but prehaps if you read through [a href=\"http://www.php.net/manual/en/install.windows.iis.php\" target=\"_blank\"]this[/a] it may help with your problem.

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