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Session Value not displaying properly


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hi all.. back again


Now this time another problem (really a stupid one i think)


I have the function to display calendar



function DisplayCalender($id,$month,$year)


//code and stuffs goes here.. theres no problem in it

// here i stored the value of date in session







and In the table part i echoed the $_SESSION value, but what happens is when the page loads the value of session does not come and when i refresh the page it comes.


Why is this happening, can someone help me ...



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Oops.. i didn't mean that


please have a look


I got this function


function DisplayCalender($id,$month,$year)







// and i saved the value in session here


if($i==$date && $year_curr==$year && $month_curr==$month)


// save the curr date in session




$_SESSION['currmonth'] = $month_curr;

$_SESSION['curryear'] = $year_curr;








// other codes

// end of function



And i called it here


<td width="212" height="35" align="center" valign="middle" bgcolor="#EB208C" class="cal_font_month" style="background-image:url(images/navigationbg.jpg);"><?php echo @$_SESSION['mycurrdate']; ?></td>


And after that i called the function


<td height="226" colspan="2" valign="top" bgcolor="#EB208C"><?



So any idea...

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