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Free Text Messaging Web Site!


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I know why it didn't work, funkin n00b I am. You've set it to allow just 10 digits when mine is 11 digits.


FYI: It's a 079 number on UK T-mobile.


I tried removing the 0 but it still didn't work. Also I tried keeping the 0 and removing the last number.


Nahhh, it ain't gotta work for me it looks. Oh well, I'll have to stick with 1800 a month or keep my 900 minutes and do no txtin.

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I think that there are several points that we can all take from the discussion.


For techiefreak


1. I appreciate that you undertook this as a learning project.  Congratulations on finishing it.

2. This is a critique forum.  As as result, people will, quite rightly, give you food for thought.

3. If there was no real purpose to the site (since you constructed it to learn only) please do not ask others for opinions on a critique forum....but rather post it on a showcase.

4. Accept the criticisms/feedback offered.  After all that is the point of posting, unless you simply want people to tell you how great your site is.



For all people with no text plan.

1. There are plans that have free texts

2. Get a new plan that has free texts



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ok...i give up...  put simply...site and design have a very narrow audience. period

What is wrong with a narrow audience? Sites should have a specific audience, it shows they are purposeful. Sites like Digg and Flickr have a specific audience, yet you wouldn't go around saying they are bad. I don't use either, I'm not part of the audience there, and I don't really have any opinion on those sites. Just because you wouldn't ever use it doesn't make it bad for everyone.


Dude film god, first of all your not god sooo...yeah

second you dont have to be such a jerk. your website isnt much better looking.

I never said I was a god. I actually said that I don't want to be considered a god. I never said my site was any better.

Just to point it out, most of your critiques do run along the line of "your site is **** change it its bad", and people are getting fed up right about now.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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