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Could you all please review me??


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Thanks for the review... I am working on banners as we speak. Just a question though...


When you say a tad too many fonts.... Does that mean, too many different sizes because as far as I know, the font should be the same for everything on the site. I have the font set so everything is the same.



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Not too bad; but for the big picture banner in the middle (which honestly strikes me as superfluous), you know the blue borders on the sides? If you're going to have them, try making them continue throughout the design, through the header picture and the footer even-that might help make the site a bit more focused.

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Nice attempt at Web 2.0 design, it seems you did some pretty good research. Things I'd recommend are finding something better to put there than the big image bar, with the green and stuff, and remove the blue sides. Also, you should get a matching Web2.0 logo, and I doubt the legality of using the Disney/Faux-Disney font.

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PhotoClickr, you now increased the errors to 38 because you are not closing your tags correctly.


XHTML REQUIRES all tags to have an open and close. Stand alone tags like metas, images and break tags close with a forward slash.


all meta tags must be closed, like this:


you have:


<meta name="ROBOTS" content="ALL">


should be:


<meta name="ROBOTS" content="ALL" /> 


Your first few tags are right, but then it goes bad.


Same with graphics.


<a href="http://www.photoclickr.com" alt="online photo services">


should be:


<a href="http://www.photoclickr.com" alt="online photo services" />

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