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.mdb - mySQL Conversion


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Hi all,


Ive been trying for a few days now to convert a .mdb database over to mySQL - here is my situation:


I help run a yahoo forum which we would like to convert over to run on phpbb - I used a program called PG Offline which downloaded all posts from the yahoo forum to a .mdb Access database - i now am trying to convert this to mySQL in the hope that i can install a forum using the data and thus restoring all the posts over to the new forum... (I have no idea if this will work or even if its possible - and am new to this all)


The problem i am facing is using the mySQL migration toolkit...


I add the mdb database as the source database - thats fine...


Then i get to the screen "Target Database" where you have the fields "Stored connection" "Hostname" "Port" "Username" "Password"


No matter what i seem to try it always gives me an error - can anyone help with this?


Is there somewhere i can go to get all these parameters?


In Advance thankyou so much for your help - and thanks for the amazing resource of this Site!!


Regards, and happy databases,



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