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After 4 days of attempts... my cry is "HELP!"

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Hi all,

I hope you can help....

Im trying to setup a website and have installed something called DeveloperSide which has installed MySQL, Apache2,
and phpMyAdmin.
To a point all went well... I am able to load the home page (as I've put the new index.php file as my own page) and
I am able to view:


so all seems well on the server side, the SQL side and the PHP5 sides. But, when I try to click on any of the 3
language flags I have within my index.php page I get what seems to be a listing of my main.php file which is supposed to
control the language. This simply appears within the web browser as a long string of text without the formatting
it appears to have within notepad.

I've checked that the php.ini file and the my.ini file are present in c:/Windows and the nec. modules are activated.

However, I don't know a great deal about this myself (only what Ive picked up in the last 4 days) so any help anyone could
offer would be gratefully received.


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I assume you are using windows...

I would suggest you download and install XAMPP instead...

It has PHP5, Apache2 and MySQL along with Mercury Mail Server, and PHPMyAdmin all rolled up together... If I didn't use that or something simular, I would take the time and learn how to use IIS instead...

If you are on a *Nix box, the never mind...

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