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Putting images together to achive beautiful layouts


How can I use DIVS and CSS to put images together to achive beautiful layouts?  

  1. 1. How can I use DIVS and CSS to put images together to achive beautiful layouts?

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Hi,people ! Could anybody tell me how can I make these beautiful layouts ?

I just know, I have to cut images and then put them all together, like a puzzle!

But it’s really difficult to achieve it with DIVS and CSS!

Do you have any idea of how I could put the images all together with Dreamweaver without too much effort ???



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Many developers spend their entire careers trying to achieve this. There is no quick solution, and the sad fact is that it'll probably take a few years of steady development to get to the point where you can create a website that both looks good AND uses divs and CSS.


My suggestion is to start simple, but start with standards compliant design! It's easy to slice and dice a graphical layout and then assemble it with tables, but it's a bad idea. Familiarize yourself with the CSS basics, div positioning, etc and then you'll have the foundation you need.

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Tableless designs with css is the way to go these days. I personally NEVER use the design view in dreamweaver always the code display just to be sure to produce clean code. Maybe you want to take a look at some free css frameworks that are available online to ease your designs. It isn't the solution to your problem since good designing cost time but it will make it a whole lot of easier

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The answer is ... there is no easy answer.


While I applaud and support TM's good fight against table layout, if you are going to make a website using a huge graphic you may as well use tables and no doctype anyway.


The world has passed this type of website goodbye in the last stages of the 20th century.

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>>et tu brute?<<


LOL. Okay, okay.


percianno, go to http://www.csszengarden.com and cycle through the layouts there.


THIS is the holy grail of PROPER, TM approved, beautiful graphic based designs that you can download and "reverse-engineer" for your own graphics. This will show you how it is done correctly and for the 21st Century. Just pay attention, understand the initial concept and practice.


I should have mentioned this in the first place.


So, TM ... we cool, now?

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CSS is very simple, yet very powerfull at the same time. As TM said you can learn CSS in a few days, and you can pretty much master it in about a month or so (or atleast be really good at it). Look at a bunch of examples online and you will get the hang of it.

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