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Eh. Bad font choice, firstly; the navigation looks pretty ugly too. Also, on anything larger then 800*600 it just looks cut-off. The code is cluttered, lakes both a DTD and any real use of CSS for layout in favor of tables, and the color scheme is pretty bland/ugly (next time try pulling colors from your header image for a nice green color scheme?). And, for reasons which escape me, you have a Javascript rollover menu which could have easily been done in CSS.

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1. I've changed font style, think arial is more eye friendly, also changed font size from fixed points to em , users should say what size suites them best.


2. Yes, i think for such a simple menu, using javas wasn't a clever move. thanx for pointing out. will surely go for CSS


3. color scheme. originally i did pull the colors from the head but then my client thought its too greenish and green is not her favourite. may be will have to redo the head.


4. Does it look cut-off in 1024*768? i actually used that size to create a layout image.


5. Code cluttered? i used fireworks for layout, sliced and exported html to dreamweaver, that fireworks is clever enough to produce clean codes



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You should use centering of the page.  It DOES look cut off at a higher res and sticks to the left.  The gray on the right is annoying.


Not to be a copy writer, but you should explain (either before or after, using ()) what ESHO stands for.  A lot of people don't look at the logo to find out what the acronym stands for.


the pictures on the right do not stay in their selective frames.  Seams to have a run over.


Other than that, it is looking very friendly.

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after going through your posts also speaking to my client (also a friend) we decided to dump the whole thing out.


www.eshocare.org is now changed (old version not included). In my new layout i've considered a CSS hover menu - think is cross browser and doesnt need java enabled browser. i also have added a database to make updating of the web little easier. you guys can login using  login name "eshotest" password "eshotest"


What are you guys saying abut the new layout? your critique plz!



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I didn't see the first layout but this one is poor. Font alignment changes and so does the size throughout the site. Find a style and stick with it. Use use a sanserif font. Verdana is a very nice web font clean and easy to read, and keep it consistent. Your flash animation is weak too. The animation looks like its from the late 90s. If you're going to use a top nav don't use a side nav and vice versa. 


just my .02

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Well, for one thing, the banner is a little annoying.  You have to wait forever to figure out what ESHO is.  I agree about the sansarif font.  Even Ariel would be a good friendly font to use.


The first design was fairly pleasant.  This new design can get annoying.

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