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Great Question

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In order to install Apache2 and php5 and mysql5 is it best use
something like XAMPP or WAMP ?

Also is it better to go for the new Apache2 rather the version 1.3 ?
Same goes for php5 vs 4 and mysql5

Are the '5' s stable and faily bug-free

I want to get on with the installation so your suggestions are much appreciated :)


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IMO opinion it is always best to install manually - you get to know the system much better and can trouble shoot much more readily.

Nothing worng with apache 2, php 5 or mysql 5. Especially if you go for the latest STABLE or RECOMMENDED release.

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Dont download Apache2.2 as PHP doesn't support this version, ubless I have missed something.

Download the following versions:

PHP 5.1.5 zip package
MySQL 4/5

Dont download the inataller for PHP as its is not needed. All it does is extract the files to the installation folder you choose. So the zipped package is recommended you just extract the files top where you want pHP to be installed to and your done!

If you're going to do a manual install. I would recommend you to install APache, PHP and MySQL in a file called server in the root of your HD ie (C:\Server\). That all of your Server related programs are centralised in one located and easy to get to. Thi is what your server shojld look like after install:
Apache - C:\server\Apache2
PHP - C:\server\PHP
MySQL - C:\server\MySQL

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Or if you want it to be painless as you had suggested go for

[a href=\"http://www.en.wampserver.com/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.en.wampserver.com/[/a]

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