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Desktop Dev - VB.NET? C++? Java? Other?


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So recently I've been tasked to create a Windows desktop application for a business. This will be pretty much an "all-in-one" - sales, purchasing, inventory, reporting, etc. This will also possibly be connected to an in-house server (Server 2003, MS SQL) and a website server/database (MySQL, PHP, Apache). I need something that can interface with both easily. So pretty much my question is: What technology should I use to do this? I was thinking VB.NET but I just want to make sure that is the right path to take before I go down it. Your thoughts? Any resources that you can give me? Anything else that can point me in the right direction? Have you done something like this before?




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Hey thorpe, thanks for the input. Right now I haven't really decided what technology I want to use. I've programmed in C++, Java, and VB.NET before, so atleast I'm familiar with them...that doesn't mean I have to stick with them though.


If you don't mind explaining more...What don't you like about VB.NET? What makes C# more elegant? What would you use for this type of project?


Thanks again.

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What don't you like about VB.NET? What makes C# more elegant? What would you use for this type of project?


I've not really used any of those languages, though I have used the older VB and just hated it. C# is a much cleaner looking language imo. Of course, I'm basing that opinion purely on aesthetics.


Any and all of those languages have interfaces available for MSSQL and MySql so I guess it probably best to just roll with whatever your most comfortable with. Though once again, I'm not speaking from experience. The only desktop developement stuff I've done had been using Python.

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