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Hey All,

I need some help with some javascript. I have a site with a shopping cart set up for jewelry. Customers are able to add multiple ring styles. On the confirmation page I need them to select ring sizes. Say if a customer came and added 2 rings of one style and 1 ring of another style. I need the 2 rings that are the same in an expand/contract box and the other single ring by itself. The customer should have the ability to change the sizes of the 2 rings that are the same with 1 dropdown...but still have the option to change them indevidually too. I hope I'm making sense here. When you register domains at GoDaddy you will see the same thing.


I have uploaded 3 demo images to make this a little more clear.

demo1.jpg - the ring styles that are the same will have the + sign to expand or contract as well as a dropdown to control those 2 ring sizes

demo2.jpg - shows you the expended version. If I change the top most dropdown it will change the inner ones to the same value

demo3.jpg - shows you that I can change the inner dropdowns indevidually


So, does anyone know of any online tutorials/examples to show me how to do something like this?


Thanks, I appriciate it!



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