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Draw tree digram from Myqsl datasbe (using php?)

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I think this question should go in here, it could also go in PHP, in which case I apologise.

I have a mysql database which lots of data. I want to be able to draw a table diagram something like this ([a href=\"http://www.dla.mil/j-3/a-76/TreeDiagram.gif\" target=\"_blank\"]Sample tree diagram[/a]) - perhaps with more colours, but the general gist).

I was wondering how I can go about this? Whether there is some sort of PHP class or plugin i can get to help me draw my diagram. I basically want to link certain tables with tree structures, so for example, the top level i will say go to projects table and get project name, that will be the start of the tree diagram. Then the next level will be from a different sql query on a table, and theresults will be displayed as part of the diagram.

Any help would be appreciated.


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