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Urgent! I'd pay!

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I started a online community site and I use different script programs. The only problem is the users has to sign separately. I would like to ask someone if he/she could help me link the user pages together


here is what I\'m looking for


What I had in mind is

Have a sign up and a login page

linking all the script\'s user pages together

when someone sign up, only have to do that once. With that creates the same

user name and password to Oekaki, Image Vote and the PhpBB board at the same time.

And when they login, they only login once and that logs them in everywhere.

So the user don\'t have to login at Oekaki, Image Vote and the board

separately. Do you know what I mean? Sorry but my English isn\'t 100% :)


as far as for making changes at the user pages, they can do it. Just the main

thing is to sign up once and when they login they are logged into all the

activities at the same time.


I\'d willing to pay for your time. I can\'t efford to pay a whole lot. If you interested please get in touch with me at muveszno@yahoo.com


Thanks :lol:

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if you did the entire community site i don\'t see why you have trouble linking everything, it should be the easy part.

Try posting the url of your website so we can see how it all works out and figure out a solution.


For exemple, for phpBB, you should just add:

mysql_query(\"INSERT INTO phpbb_users VALUES (\'\',\'\',\'\'.....)\");


During your main registration system. Try this one out for phpBB. The others i don\'t know the scripts so can\'t help you out[/i]

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You can also try registering a new user in your different programs and see what information it enters.

All you\'ll have to do is reenter these information on your main signup form.


Synchronizing being auth on those applications should be the hard part. I never looked how it worked on phpbb for exemple but you can probably find the source of the authing and had it to your main one.

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