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In my script as seen below in the admin area I can add whatever categories I wish to add problem is when you add a category it goes to the bottom of the list and the only way to put them into alpha order is to number the sort section to move them.

[img src=\"http://www.abidders.com/images/catadd.gif\" border=\"0\" alt=\"IPB Image\" /]

These categories are stored in a db.

And ouput is generated as show below exactly in the sort order specified in the add category section.

[img src=\"http://www.abidders.com/images/catsort.gif\" border=\"0\" alt=\"IPB Image\" /]

Is there an easy way that categories could just be added and the output will automatically generate in alpha order from a to z

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You can do this with the query

SELECT * FROM tblCategory ORDER BY [Fieldname]


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