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Reading from one table and entering its data into another

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I have a question on a script I am trying to put together that uses information based on different elements in each table. One problem I have ran into is I am trying to read information from one tables column of a user's row where the data is entered as "Tue|11-5; Mon|11-3". In another table, is a list of dates for an entire month where the same user has its own row again. However, in the second table, it has the username in one column and then the dates of the month for rest of the columns. From this, I would like to explode the data in the first database and for each column in the second that is a Tue, I want it to print 11-5 and for each column that is Mon, print 11-3 for that column in that users row. Obviously this is for every Tuesday and Monday, this is where I am getting caught up. Any ideas on how to read the date of the 2nd table and paste the times for each specific date from the 1st tables exploded data into the proper column? Please let me know if this needs clarification.

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