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Whats happening with phpfreaks?

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Just wondering whats happening to the script download pages as I recently made available the full source to an MMORPG game I wrote a while back. Its about 95% finished as I had to stop due to lack of time to admin it and carry on writing it. Zipped up its 1.5MB and thats all the PHP scripts, few images and a full dump of the MySQL database so it shouldn't be a problem getting it working. About a week has passed and its not appeared in the games section.

Thought others may get more use out of it than it being sat on my hard drive gathering dust whether it be someone taking it further and finishing it or just using it for resource material to use for learning how PHP and MySQL work together with a web site.

I have made a topic in the third party scripts forum and PM'd a very help mod on here who has suggested I make this topic.

Many thanks.

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There are many other threads about this topic on this board. The scripts section of the site was messed up during the last security upgrade of the forums. I'm closing this thread for now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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