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Joining Tables

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hey folks, I\'m having trouble with SQL,



I have two tables,

one is called GROUPS

and the other is called MEMBERS


GROUPS has a groupid field, and the rest are details about the group.


MEMBERS has a groupid and a memberid field...

the groupid in the MEMBERS table shows which group the member is with



I want to count how many members there are in a group


SELECT g.groupid, count(m.groupid) member# 

FROM groups g, members m

WHERE g.groupid = m.groupid

GROUP BY m.groupid


this works fine, the only problem is that it doesn\'t show groups with zero members...


I want all the groups whether they have members or not to show up...


thanks for your help

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SELECT DISTINCT g.groupid, count(m.groupid)

FROM groups g LEFT OUTER JOIN members m

ON g.groupid = m.groupid

GROUP BY m.groupid


OUTER JOIN should produce a new BIG table with NULL values where nothing fits in.... Using a normal join as you did omits these rows...



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