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Simple search result layout issue

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I must apologize first for my lack of technical verbage when it comes to php. I'm very new at this and basically digging into to someone else's php script with this site.

First here is the link to the page, I'm having troubles with: [a href=\"http://www.mediapositiveradio.com/searchit.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.mediapositiveradio.com/searchit.php[/a] (You may need to hit the "retry" button.)

There are three php pages associated with the functionality of the search capability on the site: searchit.php, search.php, search2.php. As someone else programmed this and I'm VERY new to php, I need help in determining what script I need to use and where to place it in order to fix the layout issue. The search results appear at the bottom of the template, when it should appear obviously in the "blank" space. Right now the results appear at the bottom. I found the following code in searchit.php and by playing around with the order of the "includes" I can move the results above or below.



$title="Search at Media Positive Radio";
$description="Search Results.";
include "templates/top.php";
include "search2.php";
include "templates/bottom.php";


obviously I'm dealing with templates here, and there maybe some adjusting that needs to be made in the "top.php"? Unless there is another way????

Any help anyone is willing to give will be greatly appreciated!!

many thanks!

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