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95 entries...and its now dead

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hey, i have a custom review script ( made it myself ) running on my site, and iv chnaged it for competition script and music script etc.

Basically, i have page 1, where i enter all my bits and bats such as title, release date, review text etc, then page 2 adds the info to the db. I have it set to id as the primary key and autoincrement. My competition script is exaclty the same, just uses a different table in the same database.

I have been happily adding reviews today , i entered the 95th review..that went ok, then i tried adding another review ( so review id/row/entry 96 ) ..and it all went ok, telling me it was added, but it wasnt added. iv manually checked the db and it isnt added and i did not change anything at all..i just added another review.

i check that it wasnt my scripts fault, so i tried the competition page and that adds enterys ok ( it only has about 35 entrys in )

So, basically, is there a row/entry limit on a mysql table????? coz i dint change anything and then all of a sudden it stopped adding... please help!

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post your table structure... there is only a limit on rows based off your column type for auto increment..

for example a tinyint would only work for 0-255 (unsigned).

Also, double check on your submit page... how do you know that it actually ever sent it to the DB?

Post the submit page code as well.

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hey, sorry about this lol

After leaving it for a few hours, it seems to be working ok now, adding the reviews nicely. Must have been a server issue?

Thanks anyways. much appreciated

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