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N00B-Why won't my records sort?

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I'm trying very hard to do something that is probably simple. I have a job bulletin that is updated on a daily basis. (note, this script was pre-existing, and I have been modifying it myself)

I would like table to sort the jobs by state by default whenever the page loads. At first, I wanted to be fancy and have clickable titles that automatically sort by that column, but have given up on that.

I used the Recordset command to sort the table, which provides this code:

mysql_select_db($database_JobForms, $JobForms);
$query_JobForms = "SELECT * FROM job_list ORDER BY job_list.job_state";
$JobForms = mysql_query($query_JobForms, $JobForms) or die(mysql_error());
$row_JobForms = mysql_fetch_assoc($JobForms);
$totalRows_JobForms = mysql_num_rows($JobForms);

But when I load the page, it still doesn't order correctly. What am I doing wrong?

[a href=\"http://psninc.net/jobsort.txt\" target=\"_blank\"]Here is the entire code.[/a]

Can anyone help?


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If this is a script that you're modifying, should this be in the [b]Third-Party Scripts[/b] forum?

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