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Please critique my web site


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I am in the process of putting up a personal home page.  Most of the elements of the site are in place.  I would like to eventually put up a section on programming tutorials; that is yet to come.


My web site is located here:  Reisswolf's corner.


The template has been taken from Free Website Templates.  Specifically, the one I am using is the Media template.  That template site clearly says that it is not necessary to provide a link back to the site, but I have done so anyway.


I would love to hear suggestions to make the site better and more inviting.  I have not tested anything in Internet Explorer, since I neither have, nor use, Windows.  I have tried to stick to standard code as much as possible.


Thanks a lot for your time.


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There isn't much to be said about critiquing a personal site.  Because it is PERSONAL, all opinions on what should be done to the site are just that, opinions.  The target audience is yourself.  If you are happy with the site design, then there is nothing we can say here as to the design.

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Hmm, okay.  Well, I had been hoping that someone might have had an opinion about the choice of template--whether it is suitable for a personal site--navigability, responsiveness, etc.  (I wasn't expecting a comment on the template itself.  I know the person who created it has done a great job.)


Anyway, thanks a lot for your time.


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