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If statement question


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I have this code:


<if="author['mgroup'] != 14">


I want to add another number after 14.  How would I go about doing that?  I tried just adding a comma, but that caused an html parse error, as did a semi-colon.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If it's considered HTML, I apologize for posting it here.

Can anyone help regardless?


The problem is that your code isn't PHP.  It seems to be a mishmash of PHP and HTML.


PHP doesn't use tags for statements -- only if you're going from HTML to PHP, or vise versa.  So, an if-statement does not look like:

<if something>
{ ... }


If-statements, in PHP, look like:





Note: I used the PHP start and end tags to turn on this message board's syntax highlighting.


In order to answer your question, we'll need to see more code and know exactly what you're testing against.

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It's a board script, Invision Power Board.  It is going from PHP to HTML, but there is no other code, just that. 


Looks like they're using a templating system then, as what you posted originally isn't plain PHP.


Like I asked before, what do you want to test against?  You mentioned another number other than 14.  Is it just one other number?  Or a range of other numbers?

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