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Update Syntax $_POST, $_SESSION problem?

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I have a problem with the following UPDATE:


$sql=\"UPDATE dlybatchlog_dblog SET check_dblog = 1 WHERE idclinic_dblog = \'\".$_POST[\'idclinic_dblog\'].\"\' AND DATE_FORMAT(date_dblog,\'%m-%d-%Y\') = DATE_FORMAT(NOW(),\'%m-%d-%Y\') AND idcon_dblog = \'\".$_SESSION[\'KT_id_MSSIntranet\'].\"\';\" ;


It works perfectly when I use actual numbers instead of $_POST and $_SESSION vars. Anyone see my mistake? Or suggest a mistake I may be making?


Thanks for looking,



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include the POST and SESSION values like you would with any other variable (without the string concatenation), and encase the variables in braces like so:




if you don\'t like that idea, you can always localize the variables by going:


$value = $_POST[\'value\'];


and including it in your queries like so:


WHERE idclinic_dblog=\'$value\'


hope this helps, i ran into these problems too.

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