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whoops.......looks like i pressed submit 2wice or soemthing - to get email notifications of replies. can the admin please delete one of these....apologies!!!
I am not sure if I posted this here before. If I did, please accept my apologies. I tried looking for my post (if any)but couldnt find it, so here it is...

I am using 'crawler' in get_browser to check if a visitor is a spider/crawler

$ua = get_browser(null,true);
if ($ua->crawler== TRUE)

And then in my code, I check the value of $isspider to dump the data accordingly. The problem is, that $ua->crawler always seems to be null. I am also storing the HTTP_USER_AGENT values, and saw using those that an MSNbot just visited my website. But $ua->crawler fails to register this (it is always null).

Any ideas?

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