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Commissions Paid & Discounts in Payment DB

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I\'m creating a financial db that includes the tracking of commissions paid out & discounts given.


Referrals of clients will most likely be clients themselves. That is why the referrals table has 2 fields that are foreign keys from the org table. How would you track commissions paid? Just add a field to transaction table or create a new table?


As far as discounts given, clients are given a percentage that will be discounted until thier total discount is met. Is my implementation adequete?



a) id

B) name

c) web



a) id

B) org_id

c) name

d) phone

e) email

j) username

k) password



a) id

B) name



a) id

B) org_id

c) serv_id

d) frequency

0 (one-time)

1 (annually)

4 (quarterly)

12 (monthly)

e) pres_cost

f) beg_date

g) end_date (stops billing, but yet records past subscriptions)



a) Id

B) org_id

c) percent

d) cum_disc

e) tot_disc



a) id

B) o-s_id

c) date

d) cost

e) discount

f) amt_paid



a) id

B) referrer (org_id)

c) client (org_id)

d) comm_rate



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A couple of questions spring to mind


Discounts - why a separate table, or are there more than one record per org_id? If there are, perhaps they should be dated and have the discount amount, not calculated values ( you can calc as required) Not a good idea to store derived items anyway) Same would go for commissions.


Does the commision rate vary for each referral?

Is it dependent on some other data/key?

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