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how can i make forum in php?pls tell me.


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My db currently has the following tables (NOTE: Will probably not stay like this, but it's enough to start you off):


Categories: Divides the forums up. EG. the first is 'test 2' and the second is 'test' (don't ask why they're that way around, I was feeling random).


Forums: 'Test' and 'Space filler' are in these.


Members: Take a guess.


PM: for personal messages.


Posts: For posts.


Topics: for Topics.


In categories, I have category ID and category name


In forums, I have forum ID, forum name, forum description and category ID (for which category to place it in).


Members, I have user ID, username, password (md5), posts, avatar (display pic, if you like), signature, msn, aim, website (for people with websites), IP (useful for banning), email address, rank (moderator, member, admin etc.), last active (For the online list and profile), birthday (just for personals), location (JFP), interests (JFP) and title (the line of text that appears under the avatar).


PM has PM ID, to (who's it to), from (who's it from), subject (of message), and the actual message.


Posts has post ID, poster, post, and topic ID (will have more in the end).


Topic has topic ID, topic name, topic description, poster, and forum ID.


Any queries, just ask.



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