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Myphotomojo online photo editor for review


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Hi all, I submitted my site www.myphotomojo.com a couple of weeks ago and we have been working hard to get an online photo editor integrated into our site.  As mentioned, our site is about all the fun things you can do with photos.  Well, the first round of the photo editor is up and running but obviously there are still some issues, specifically related to IE.  Not all the functionality is implemented. But the basic photo editor tool bar is working.  Would appreciate any comments or thoughts on the design and look of the editor as well as missing functionality (things to come but not implemented include the ability to upload your photo from your pc and other photo sharing sites).  Take a look www.myphotomojo.com/photoeditor/index.php  Thanks for any and all imput.

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The interaction is nice and fast, and while the editing tools are limited, the ones that are there tend to work fine. One thing you could do though is get rid of the subscribe now and essentials blocks, and make the editor fullscreen or in a pop-up window of some sort-that would help make it feel more like an application, and less like just a toy.

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As always moberemk, thanks for your comments and insights. I can get rid of the subscribe blocks but I think the essential block is necessary.  It will have more than what's currently there such as "Getting Started", Firefox plugin, etc.  It's the essentials on how to use the photo editor.  With that said, the online photo editor will never be a replacement for something like photoshop. I don't really want it to be an application per se, but something anyone can use quickly to create interesting effects on photos as well as some of the basic photo editing needs.  I must admit, the photo editor is the first step in something much larger in the scheme of things. 


If you have a chance, try the "get the bookmarklet" page where you can add the bookmarklet to your links toolbar in firefox, and the from any page on the internet, select the Import to Myphotomojo to add an image to the photo editor.  (The bookmarket page is something that needs to be completely redesigned but just wanted to show the functionality)


by the way on the "Photo Effects" panel, the fill flash is now working.



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Thanks for letting me know.  Opera is one browser I have not had a chance to investigate.  I will look into it and see what I can do.




I'm working the text stuff but having some problems.  And there will be a Sepia effect, just haven't had the chance to work on it yet.  There are at least 10 other effects I want to add.  But, thanks for the comments.


One thing I forgot to mention, is that the effects (where appropriate) will have a configuration panel which will allow you to adjust the effect to your specific needs.  None are implemented at the moment, but hopefully in the next week or so, you will have configuration options for effects.

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