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Mysql querry problem

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Hey guys

I need a help with a query

I have 2 tables

[b]table 1[/b]

[b]table 2[/b]
field,field2,code1,code2, field3, etc

code1,code2 in table 2, their descriptions can be found in table 1.

i want a query to show me all the records in table 2, but with the codes description instead of the code itself

The result set must therefore have 2 fields for desription, because code1 will not equal code 2
I am stuck with mysql 3.23....

Thanks in advance

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[code]SELECT a.field1, a.field2, b.description as descr1, c.description as descr2, a.field3, a.etc FROM table2 a LEFT JOIN table1 b ON b.code=a.code1 LEFT JOIN table1 c ON c.code=a.code2[/code]

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