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Could everyone try out or better yet use our new online document editor, EverythingThere.com and then give me a little review below? It's a nice way to work on documents online without having to keep an account, and you can invite others to collaborate on documents.

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Uh...huh. The visual asthetic is clean enough, if sparing; but your site itself has problems. New account creation is a long, dull process which takes way too long to do overall. I mean, a log-in page after creating an account? That's just plain annoying to the end user. And then, when I finally get to the editor page, it's a TinyMCE textfield with some extra options on the page. Not a full-featured advanced version, just the very basic editor. Aside from the collaboration features, this is really a waste; at least use the full version with all the formatting options, if not your own editor!

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From your "Create Account"

Click the button below to automatically create a Group ID. All Group IDs will be deleted after 30 days of use.


Does this mean that you will delete my account even if it's active after 30 days? I don't think thats what you want to do...or intended to say.

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See, this is more the aesthetic that I think you should have gone for in the first place. The new home page is a lot nicer looking then the original one, although it seems to have some visual glitches in Firefox, and the makeover doesn't extend to the editor or the sign up pages. I still think that the creation process is too long; at one part, after you create the group ID you hit another page where you enter the group ID and press another button; while it is automatically filled in, it shouldn't be necessary.. I don't get the "Why to use EverythingThere" column though-there isn't much of a link between that and the column contents. Shouldn't there be some kind of list there?


Finally, the editor itself is like I said, still incredibly plain and you should look in to both creating a WYSIWYG editor of advanced functionality and creating a nicer-looking interface.

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