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What are your best domain names?


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Yeah, I have a bunch of good ones IMO. Here is (some of) the list:


AllLocal.info - I want to make a search/rating site for restaurants, clubs, venues, hot spots, and maybe have a "singles"/dating section.


AllLocalBands.net, AnyLocalBands.com/.net, SyracuseBands.NET (which I use and it's good for here in Syracuse,NY), NationalBands.net, Nationwidebands.com/.net


DailyRandomShit.com/.net/.info - I wanted to do something with funny/random pics, vids, jokes, ect.


getmysurvey.com, greatparentinfo.com, learnallabout.info (in use), SUBMIT-SEO.COM - all sites that have potential for google adsense




officiallysexy.com, UAREHOT.COM - idea for dating/pic rating site


SCHOOLINFOZONE.COM - another wanna-be project


YOURSTUNT.COM, YOURSTUNTS.COM, YOUSTUNT.COM - yet another wanna-be project (which I posted on here a while ago in the freelance board but haven't done anything with it since)


...so pretty much it comes down to I have a lot of domains with potential...and no time to do anything with them right now. :D


PS. Sorry for the CAPS I got tired of re-typing domains so I just copied them out of my GoDaddy account. Also sorry if I posted something not allowed...feel free to edit. Only 2 of the domains listed are live.


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i own a name that's the same as a very popular brand of brown sauce (at least in the UK)


i'd post the link, but the contents of the site would be well against phpfreak's guidelines ;)


You own one of those domain squatting porn sites?


haha no. it's a single image with a forwarding link at the moment whilst i work on its proper content, which will be a newspaper/lads mag.

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viplyrics.com - List of lyrics from all types of artists

publicsize.com - a social network (wasn't supposed to be)

phpsinps.com - a grouping of 44 snippets (at the moment it keeps growing)

tzfiles.com - file hosting and file sharing - my highest raked site according to alexa....


up 2,727% change in 1 week

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